“So shall it be because it is Allah Who causes the night to emerge out of the day and causes the day to emerge out of the night and Allah is All-Hearing, All-Seeing. So shall it be because Allah, He is the truth, and all whom they invoke instead of Him are false. Allah is Most High, Great.”

(Al-Qur’ān – 22:61-62)

The purport of the ayah 22:61 is that those who follow the course of unbelief and injustice will be punished and those who believe and act righteously will be rewarded; that the standard-bearers of truth who have been wronged, will see their own wrongs redressed; and those who seek to forcefully confront injustice will be aided by God. So, what is the reason underlying all these assurances? The ayah suggests that this will happen because of certain of God’s attributes, i.e. those mentioned here.

God rules over the whole universe, and it is because of His Will that day and night follow in succession. Besides, the ayah also subtly points to the fact that God is equally capable of bringing about the decline and fall of those who are presently at the zenith of their power and glory. Likewise, the darkness of ignorance and unbelief which is presently struggling to prevent the break of the morn of the truth will soon give way, by God’s command, to the brightness of truth and knowledge that will illuminate the whole world. God is All-Hearing and All-Seeing. He wields all power and is Lord in every sense of the term.

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