India is the largest democracy on earth, no doubt about it. But our irresponsible politicians, owing to their decades long prejudice, narrowmindedness and lust for power have degraded our democracy. The world is forced to degrade our democracy as only “electoral democracy” and not a full-fledged humanistic and benign democracy. The credit for devaluation of our democracy goes to the BJP which holds the reins of power for the last eight years. We can understand the reality of the adage ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ by looking at the present dispensation.

The BJP pursues the policies which are based on a chronic and pathological hate for non-Hindus and non-BJP people. The BJP, following into the footsteps of its ideological mentor RSS, believes that only a Hindu can be a true patriot. Therefore, it not only denigrates non-Hindus but also casts doubts on the patriotism of non-Hindus, Muslims and all those who refuse to see eye to eye with its ideology. This pernicious thinking has been responsible for more than 40,000 communal riots which caused widespread loss of life and property in the last 70 years. It claims that it is the only nationalist and patriotic party.

Another well thought out strategy of this party is spreading suspicion and hate about minorities. This can be seen on a big scale in recent months when the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ was screened all over the country. Even our PM supported the movie. This has helped the party in spreading hate against Muslims as responsible for evacuation and murder of Pandits in Kashmir.

With a view to win the 2024 general elections, the BJP would fill the hearts of every Hindu with the hate for Muslims as “others” and the anti-nationals. Then it will do everything which can harm the Muslims, their way of life and their traditions. This will please and intoxicate Hindus. And they would take revenge against the Muslims by voting for the party.

The Muslims must join hands with all right-thinking Indian Christians, Dalits and all minorities and broadminded non-prejudiced Hindus, who are, by the Grace of God, are still in a majority. Muslims must remember that they have a God-given duty to serve their beloved country. They must tolerate all sorts of ideological attacks and morally elevate themselves so much that they become the true voice of morality and an ethical force. Steadfastness, courage and selfless service to one and all are the panacea for present ills confronting the nation. Sooner or later the nation will realise what is right and what is wrong. They can’t fool all people for all times. True faith, genuine love for fellow beings and selfless service is bound to open the hearts and defeat the wrongdoers.

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