“This is the Blessed Book which We have revealed to you so that people may ponder over its message, and that those endowed with insight may derive a lesson.”

(The Qur’ān – 38:29)

God, Who revealed the Qur’ān to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ calls the Qur’ān the Blessed Book in the sense that it is highly useful for man. It gives him the best guidance to improve and reform his life. By following it he is only to gain and nothing to lose. The Qur’ān also says that only those who are endowed with insight may derive lessons from the Divine Book. And, insight can be attained by reflecting on the Message of the Divine Book. This is a fact that can be realised only when one ponders over its message.

The Qur’ān (4:82) asks: “Do they not ponder about the Qur’ān?” This question hints at the power of reflection which may lead a person to realisation of the truth. There is no contradiction, no inconsistency in the Book. The Qur’ān says, “Had it been from any other than Allah, they would surely have found in it much inconsistency.”

This verse addresses all people and all generations, every one of whom is capable of appreciating as much of the harmony and congruity of the Qur’ān as their ability, education, experience and piety allow. That is, full and absolute harmony and integrity is an unmistakeable feature of the Qur’ān. It is a feature that allows different people and generations to benefit by the Qur’ān.

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