The ruling BJP, in spite of winning UP, is scared about its prospects in 2024 general elections. Therefore it lapped with glee the sensational feature filled with bias and falsehood. Even P.M. Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah welcomed the film as the best example of true facts and freedom of expression. Very unfortunate!

Prem Shankar Jha, a renowned journalist, in a recent TV interview, has said that Kashmir valley people were so peace loving that even one or two murders in the valley were a rare phenomenon. He said that even J.K.L.F was formed to demand fair elections and autonomy which was available to other States in India. A dispassionate study of events in Kashmir reveals that denial of basic human rights and fair election led to the militancy and bloodshed.

The clear aim of this film is to arouse communal sentiments and present Muslims as killers, rapists and anti-Indians. Through this the ruling dispensation creates an atmosphere of hate and suspicion against the Muslims, to gain the overwhelming support of the Hindu majority in 2024.

BJP must consider that their policy of Hindus versus Muslims will destroy not only the social relations, fraternal feelings and inter-community trusts, but will pave the way to destroy the country itself.

It is a very unfortunate reality that, having failed in every aspect of governance and economic development, the only available straw to them is hate, suspicion, communal tension.

The media reports indicate that after watching the film, the agitated crowds are demanding revenge against ghaddars and anti-nationals. The ruling party, through its affiliates, has mentally prepared the crowds to take this revenge against whom you can understand.

The jargons of qabristan and shamsan, abbajan who eats the ration of poor Hindus, those who are indulging in love jihad, land jihad, thook jihad and all such other nonsense have the capacity to poison the minds of common people.

The ruling party’s hate campaigns may inflame the sentiments, arouse passions and let loose a flood of hostilities against all peace loving citizens. They may retain power but India would surely become a hell of hate, hostility and destruction. Are you listening Mr. Modi and Mr. Amit Shah?

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