“We have made the Qur’ān easy to bear in mind. Is there, then, any who will take heed?”

(The Qur’ān – 54:32, 40)

Some people say it is difficult to understand the Qur’ān; it requires deep insight into the various branches of knowledge as well as the fair language of the Arabic language. But this contention contradicts the very intent of the revelation of the Holy Book. The Book of Allah itself says that it is hudan lin-nas (Guidance for entire mankind). Then, how is it possible that the Book, which is Guidance for entire mankind, can be difficult to understand. By no means.

In the verse 32 of Surah Al-Qamar (fifty-fourth chapter of the Qur’ān), Allah the Exalted says that He has made the Qur’ān easy to comprehend (yassarnal-Qurʼān), for it is a reminder. The same assertion is also repeated in the verse 40 of the same Surah.

The Qur’ān was revealed in chaste and eloquent Arabic only because its first addressees were the Arabs. Thus, it is very easy for Arabic-knowing persons to read the Qur’ān. But, what about those who do not know Arabic? They can still read and understand the message of the Qur’ān with the help of translation of the Holy Book in their own language. It is heartening to know that the Qur’ān is available in almost all regional languages in India as well as in the various languages spoken and practised in the world.

The verses 32 and 40 of Surah Al-Qamar steadfastly call upon the human beings to reflect and take heed.

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