Torture Doctors – II

On June 16, 2007 Queen Elizabeth II of England rewarded her British subject Salman Rushdie with a knighthood for “services” to the Crown, thus insulting the Muslim world across the board that had unanimously condemned Rushdie for blasphemy against the Holy Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be with him) and his holy family in…

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On June 16, 2007 Queen Elizabeth II of England rewarded her British subject Salman Rushdie with a knighthood for “services” to the Crown, thus insulting the Muslim world across the board that had unanimously condemned Rushdie for blasphemy against the Holy Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be with him) and his holy family in his book, The Satanic Verses. At the publication of this slander in 1988 the late Imam Ayatullah Khomeini of Iran had issued a fatwa against the heretic Rushdie who violated the sanctity of the Islamic faith. But by June 29-30, 2007  three foiled bombings occurred in Britain: a suicide bombing by Kafeel Ahmed driving a Jeep at Glasgow airport, Scotland, and two attacks in London foiled by U.K. police. The association between these two events, Rushdie’s knighthood and the fake bombings, was in synch and timed to detonate like explosives throughout the Muslim world. Both the incidents are linked through their diabolic motivations, a mission to create chaos, confusion and outrage in the Muslim world; to radicalise Muslims outraged by Britain’s insult and project them as ‘Islamofascists. Further, the goal was to revive the terror of Al-Qaeda in the West, timed to justify the latest war-drive in the Middle East from the British-American war-hawks: the neoconservative Bush administration in Washington with its counterparts and proxies in the new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s Government, and Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing Israeli war party. Rushdie’s knighthood got the planned backlash: Pakistan and other Muslim nations condemned the British motion. But as before, Rushdie was merely the agent provocateur to polarise the West and the Muslim world. It is for the reasons given above that the first Western and Indian media reports regarding the bombings pointed to “rage” among “radical Muslims” over Rushdie’s knighthood; but the media itself was orchestrated to promote this story of ‘Muslim rage’ behind the ‘fake bombings’ in Britain, which like 9/11, 2001, were deliberately carried out to create a climate of fear and religious war against Islam by the British and Anglo-Zionists in Washington.   WHO IS RUSHDIE? From the beginning, Rushdie, an uprooted Indian from Mumbai, rejected Islam; he told the Independent that his parents were “almost totally irreligious” and he and his siblings were raised “as extremely irreverent children.” He has been an agent of British intelligence since his parents moved to England, where he attended King’s College, Cambridge in 1965. For those who know, Cambridge University is a hotbed of ‘spooks,’ spies and British intelligence moles and recruits. Rushdie’s first literary success, Midnight’s Children in 1980 was a political attack on then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi, whose lawsuit against him for libel was vindicated. In The Satanic Verses, Rushdie presented the Prophet Muhammad (called Mahmoud) as recognising three pagan goddesses, also involved with ‘Hind,’ the wife of an enemy; and with base women named after the Messenger’s wives in a brothel; and finally, with blasphemous vulgarizations of the Revealed message of the Qur’an.  Like many ‘brown sahibs,’ or ‘babus’ (as they were known), Rushdie is a lackey of the old imperial conspiracy on the subcontinent and elsewhere to use religion to achieve imperialist interests. The Shia-Sunni game is blatant in Iraq; but the splitist agenda of the imperialists is equally visible in India, where the threat of ‘Islamic terrorism’ is continually used to inflict fear and reactionary elements to provoke communalism between Hindus and Muslims. As planned and expected by the British masterminds in the latest series of ‘fake terrorist attacks’ in Britain, the knee-jerk reaction in Hindutva forces was to point at ‘Islamists,’ linking all the bombings in India, the Mumbai train blasts (as the British press announced immediately) to the bombings of Malegaon and Hyderabad mosques. Neither the media, nor the radical Hindus, attempted to see the irrationalism behind such instant reactions to the British scheme, or to dig deeper to find the real motivations behind the attacks in Britain. Through these reactions, aimed to instil fear of Muslims among Hindus, the Hindutva forces continue to be lackeys to the imperial game, which is to expand the next war to Iran, an Islamic nation. There is also the ‘schizophrenic’ dimension behind communal forces. Rushdie was used by the British to alienate Islam from the rest of the world by projecting Muslims as ‘radical’ and ‘fanatic.’ This is the goal of the latest bombings as well. Rushdie himself has been diagnosed as a psychotic. According to Marjory Wallace, director of Schizophrenia, a National Emergency on the BBC in 1990, Rushdie conformed to a “person undergoing Psychotic Schizophrenic Breakdown.” But it is this pathetically psychotic ‘madman’ who has been used by the British to launch cultural war against the Muslim world., as British intelligence has always recruited nut-cases since rational and ‘sane’ people would not carry out the ‘dirty tricks’ of the British Crown in its former colonies, and to foment religious war against Islam.   THE TORTURE DOCTORS It is in this same category of psychopaths, sadists and sociopaths (of the British-American intelligence networks) that one can place any individuals or ‘pseudo-scientists’, (such as the doctors in the bombings) used to carry out the imperial objectives. In February 2007, the European parliament accused Britain and other European countries of colluding in CIA flights transporting suspects to secret prisons around the world, to be tortured. The British Foreign Office reacted outrageously, with Sir Michael Wood, chief legal adviser, saying that it was not illegal in itself to receive or possess information extracted under torture, if there was no direct participation in torture. If others did the dirty work, torture was “okay.” The Bush administration in the United States has revived torture far more aggressively than ever before in American history; from Abu Ghraib, Bagram and Guantanamo, to ‘black prisons’ where the types of humiliation and beatings, rape and murder underline racism of the type commonly used by the British in the imperial era. But Americans themselves are unaware of “the partnerships between the military interrogators and military doctors and psychiatrists in “breaking prisoners who refuse to provide information,” reports the journalist Nat Hentoff.  This betrayal of medical ethics by the U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and prisons in the U.S., appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine (doctors and Interrogators at Guantanamo Bay) in 2005. Dr. Burton J. Lee II, physician to former U.S. President George H. W. Bush, wrote an op-ed column in The Washington Post (July 1), “The Stain of Torture” in which he documented that “military medical personnel have played a role in the torture of prisoners.” From these developments it is clear that both medical ethics and international human rights have been flagrantly violated by the U.S. and British-Israeli doctors in the post-9/11 occupations. There were, however, no write-ups in the American press proving that then Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ordered in a memorandum in April 2003 that “interrogations must always … take into account … a detainee’s emotional and physical strengths and weaknesses .. [and] manipulate [those] emotions and weaknesses.” Hentoff adds, “No detail was too insignificant for these specialists in cruel, degrading and inhuman treatment.” Under Rumsfeld’s policy, Major General Geoffrey Miller at Guantanamo “approved the creation of a behavioural Science Consultation Team” (BSCT). The BSCT psychologists authorised the use of dogs to “exploit individual phobias,” or suggested other kinds of torture banned by international charters. Physicians for Human Rights are to update a 2005 report titled “Break Them Down: Systematic Use of Psychological torture by U.S. Forces.”    THE NEW ‘RUSHDIES’ The medical dilemma today focuses on the legal responsibilities of health professionals cooperating with the U.S. interrogators or, as the recent events in Britain illustrate, with British intelligence. In the U.K. bombings, another Indian Muslim doctor, Mohammed Haneef, has been indicted in Australia under a dubious case (based on finding his SIM card in the possession of one of the bombers). From these facts two points emerge: that the ‘terrorist’ doctors chosen specifically to alienate the Western public were cherrypicked ‘Muslims;’ which confirms that the mission is, indeed, to raise racism in the West against the Muslim world, and thus make it easier to launch a war against Iran. And finally, if the doctors were, indeed, ‘fake’ pawns like Rushdie, they were recruited under the horrific malpractice by the intelligence agencies of the United States, Britain and Israel to conduct cultural warfare against the Islamic world. This also justified launching a witch-hunt against qualified Muslims of the scientific establishment. Some people may recall that when the Americans drove out the Soviets from Afghanistan, the first Afghan officials targeted for assassinations were the academic elite of this country, doctors, professors, scientists, journalists, lawyers. The witch-hunt against Indian Muslim doctors falls into this new culture war both against Islam and India by the British Empire.