Weapons of Mind DisruptionHow Media is Exploited to Fool Us

Long ago an ingenuous milkman bought a goat to increase his sales in the unbearable heat of summer. One con-artist had also been observing the very goat keenly for two months. When the milkman held the rope and headed for his village, the con-artist called his friends and drew a plan where he could snatch…

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Long ago an ingenuous milkman bought a goat to increase his sales in the unbearable heat of summer. One con-artist had also been observing the very goat keenly for two months. When the milkman held the rope and headed for his village, the con-artist called his friends and drew a plan where he could snatch the goat without the milkman having realised the conspiracy. On the way the milkman met a person who asked him innocently, “This dog must belong to a good race, and must have cost good bucks, aha?” The milkman laughed and doubted the eyesight or mental condition of the person and then furthered. At the same time a labour was also passing by; he unexpectedly stopped and asked the milkman for water. After quenching his thirst, he asked to the dismay of the milkman, “How much this dog cost you?” The dumbfounded milkman retaliated, “This is not a dog; this is a goat; couldn’t you see?” The labour laughed and said, “Ha ha, are you mad? Are You? ha ha!” and took his way. The milkman stared at the goat for few moments and then hurried away. Finally a soldier on his bike stopped near the milkman and inquired about an address. After getting the information, the soldier asked, “You seem to be a farmer but I should tell you that such type of dogs are not good for guarding farm.” The pitiable milkman analysed the physical features of the “conspicuous” ‘goat’ and asked (nearly crying), “Isn’t it a goat…?” The soldier waved his head in utter disapproval, “Oh, are you fool or trying to make me one?” The feeble milkman couldn’t reply; instead he yelled in fury and kicked callously the poor goat and ran towards his village, sobbing. After a while, two persons came out from behind the trees – of course with smiles on their faces. The soldier, originally the con-artist, gave them some notes and took the ‘dog’ to sell in market.
Take media in place of the con-artist; and as a jigsaw puzzle the milkman’s part must be played by the public.The media, simply but astutely, is following the policy of Gobbles (media in-charge of Hitler) by “repeating the lie a thousand times until it is approved as Gospel truth”. Here a milkman lost his goat due to the treachery of a con-artist but there people are losing their culture, civilisation, outlook, lifestyle, values and thereby freedom due to the felony of the media.
Many exponents of politics, economy and journalism have opined that today’s media is striving to accomplish a “Global American Jewish” civilisation and impose it on third world countries, and the countries which are bent upon opposing such enslavement are going to be blacklisted as terrorist nations. (Iraq, Afghanistan and most recently Iran, Syria are the living examples.)
(1) In 1921, the Council of Foreign Relations was established in America. This was primarily a Jewish (read Zionist) organisation.The main task before this organisation was to intrude in American foreign policy as well as American media and industries.
They accomplished remarkable success in all their proposed targets. In political scenario their influence grew so much that since 1952 every candidate nominated for the presidential election was a CFR member with a rare exception of Ronald Reagan, but in the reign of Ronald Reagan too all his council and cabinet ministers were CFR fed. Itis a widely acknowledged saying in Senate and American bureaucracy that if a recommendation is published twice in Foreign Affairs (CFR monthly) it is implemented as if a divine decree – beyond any criticism.
In Industrial scenario only some statistics will be able to present the actual story. 35% American millionaires are Jews, 100% fashion industries are owned by them, 98% petroleum industries are in their account. In education also 51% teachers are Jews in World’s No. 1 University Harvard and their proportion in teaching staff is above 75%. (The point to be noted is that Jews constitute only about 2.5% of American population.)
In the field of media CFR has played every card, be it money or muscle to exert its influence. It is the fruit of theiregregious endeavour that all “reliable” news agencies are in their pockets. For example Reuters, Associated Press, United Press, AFP, etc. Jew capitalists are also notorious for hijacking celebrated newspapers and channels through advertisements and then by their puppet editors as was done by Rotshied to London Times and by Robert to SunNew ChroniclesDaily HeraldYork Shire and many other British newspapers.
In Hollywood Fox Company, Golden Company, Metro Company, Warner Brothers and Paramount all are operating under the Jewish lobby. Eminent news channels (from which the news channels all over the world extract news and never doubt its credibility) like ABC, CNN, NBC and CBS all have fallen prey to the ambitions of Jewish capitalists like William Bele, Robert and Alfred Silverman. Add to it the names of William Harrit and Thomas Dayman. Besides the channels, there are very significant dailies, weeklies and monthlies like New York TimesWashington PostNew York PostWall Street JournalNewsweek, Time magazine, Play BoyChicago Times, and Reader’s Digest, etc. under their influence.
Henry Ford financed a research worth US $ 20 lakh on Jewish influences. He concluded, “Jewish lobby is the conqueror of 95% media sources and they are the primary accused for the moral degradation in every age group of the people not only in USA but throughout the globe.”
To sum up there are 1740 news agencies and publishing houses, 140 TV channels and 62 million out of 65 million dailies, directly owned by Jews all over the planet. And what’s the plight of those who are not owned by them. One anonymous media analyst has examined 60 non-Jewish American dailies and came up with astonishing conclusions that in 48 newspapers, 3 to 7 columns are devoted to Jewish propaganda. News of Jewish concern, interest or benefit is published without any modification. Why? – They are ensnared in the web of advertisements provided by Jewish capitalists.
This is how the Zionists have conquered the media all over the world. And after this occupation of paramount media sources what they intend to do is to take control of the minds worldwide. The following are some of their aims as specified in ‘protocols of the learned elders of Zion’:
        Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control.
        At the same time what we shall publish … will be cheap and will be read voraciously.
        If we give permits for ten journals, we shall ourselves found thirty, and so on in the same proportion. This, however, must in no way be suspected by the public. For which reason all journals published by us will be of the most opposite, in appearance, tendencies and opinions, thereby creating confidence in us and bringing over to us quite unsuspicious opponents, who will thus fall into our trap and be rendered harmless.
        Among those making attacks upon us will also be organs established by us, but they will attack exclusively points that we have pre-determined to alter. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us.
        We shall have a sure triumph over our opponents since they will not have at their disposition organs of the press in which they can give full and final expression to their views.
And these aims are achieved by the following weapons.
Contemporary media is consummate in making a hobgoblin out of thin air. And it is done so artistically that people have no doubt accepting Big, Bright, Shining Sun as Moon and vice versa. Before US attack on Afghanistan the media performed perspicaciously the task of “glorifying” Osama and al-Qaida by projecting headlines like – They are capable of attacking White House anytime, President is in danger, they are extremely menacing and possess chemical weapons. Why? Just to justify the unjustifiable US invasion on Afghanistan.
Also in case of Somalia, the media for months endeavoured to level the public opinion all over the world by repeatedly showing the pictures and videos of famine stricken Somalian people, (neglecting outrightly other more prosperous areas of Somalia). No stone was left unturned to prove that all Somalian people are poor, needy, starved, malnourished, compelled, and forced to live in parsimonious conditions. When this was done by their media American soldiers invaded Somalia to ‘make the lives better’ as ‘angels of God’ with no ‘selfish’ reasons. And what followed needs no description.
One of the most significant traits of contemporary media is the mania of guessing facts. They disseminate news like this, “The shrewd killers have left no clues but our correspondent has reported through government intelligence and independent sources that ‘Ikhwan’ could be behind such activities because they preach the lessons of violent Jihad and suicide bombing in their mosques”.
What is more vicious is their criminal reticence after the exposure of reality. For example, on January 29, 1987 a Boeing aircraft of South Korea exploded, the needle of suspicion with great confidence and authority as usual fell on “Muslims”. Commotion went on for a year; such hype was created that common people were frightened with the very thought of a bearded and capped person. After one year a ‘non-Muslim’ North Korean woman was hanged till death for the crime. No cover story, no breaking news, no editorial thus no hue and cry this time.
Killing innocent people is a heinous crime, and stigma for the whole humanity which must be discouraged with full vigour, in every possible manner. But the media is playing a duel role even in this regard. On one hand, it is vehemently criticising the so-called relentless nature of Islamic concepts of Hudood (punishment)and so-called terrorists for their ‘fidai’ attacks. (Only they or God know how much truth their stories carry.) On the other hand they glorify the killing operation by Mossad and CIA by keeping them at echelons of bravery, valour and courage, for example, killing of Mussadeq, Omar Torrijos, Abu Jihad, Sheikh Yasin or mass killing of Palestinians, Lebanese, Somalians, Afghans and Iraqis.
The most derisive apparatus in this context is character assassination. Examples could be given of Hollywood films where with every rising sun something is released which criticise, humiliate, undermine, condemn, and malign Arabs, Muslims and Islam. Examples could be given of the films like KhartumLawrence of ArabiaGeneral PineDacortaSiegeBullet, and Fort Sagan.
Even cartoons for children are not spared, where bearded, capped men with names like Muhammed, Salim, Omar, Ali are shown as either comedy figures or as affluent, greedy, uxorious, violent villains who pronounce Takbeer after commission of every murder or rape. Even advertisement clips, news items are exploited to showcase a Muslim as terrorist, fundamentalist, anti-democratic, against freedom of speech, against woman right, etc.
Exceptions are there in every system and society. It is a natural phenomenon but what the media today is most interested in doing is to trace such exceptions which will help fulfilling their sinister ambitions. It not only highlights such exceptions but project them as undisputed ground realities. The cases of Imrana, some of the real militant attacks by distressed Muslim youth or any hysterical fatwa for that sake could be cited as best examples.
A news reporter of NBC reported about the 1982 Sabra and Shatila massacre, (where 4000 Palestinians were murdered in cold blood in the chairmanship of then Defence Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon) in this manner: “Many Palestinian people killed allegedly by Israeli Army, but top ranking officials of the Israeli army refuted the charges and condemned the mass killings in a resonant voice. Intelligence agencies are suspecting Lebanese terrorists for the incident who do not want peace talks between Yasser Arafat and Israel.”
The same news channel reported another incident like this, “Palestinian Fidayeen had attacked the market in Tel-Aviv. Twoooo CIVILIANS (special emphasis) got severely injured with stitches on their heads and chest. In retaliation all the TERRORISTS have been slaughtered by the VALIANT Israeli forces.” Mark the difference between these two news items; there is not much to say. This one weapon is more onerous than any other. With emphatic, eloquent, elastic and crafted tone they can create a huge fuss over the killing of a mosquito and could easily ignore or even glorify the slaughter of thousands of innocent people.
The most dangerous web in which the media is successfully ensnaring all its viewers, readers, listeners and visitors with alarming dexterity,isdisseminating both positive and negative, right and wrong side of the story to have control over all types of thinking people whether for or against their own interest. So don’t be confused when on CNN a news reporter shrieks her throat in praise of Islam as a peace loving religion or even way of life ideal for mankind. This is only a net to track fools like you and me to consider them impartial, unbiased and thereby believe in their other “fables” as revelation.
“97% people are in favour of sending Afzal Guru to gallows. What is your opinion; you can sms it on …, e-mail it on…, call on…, write to…”. This is a very recent and effective addition to the artillery of “mass deception”. The weapon of public opinion expressed in terms of percentage in response to most astutely and purposefully fabricated questions. Gustavly Barn, a well-known psychologist, expressed about the impact of public opinion on human consciousness in his Psychology of Gathering that generally humans tend to blow with the air and rarely against it (and mainly for some personal cause). Thus the media is exploiting this psyche of human mind with distortions in statistics to lead him to their desired conclusions e.g. in matter of legalisation of gay relationship in Britain. Findings of a random polls were 15% severely against it, 41% not concerned, 25% in favour of establishing a committee under parliament, 15% considering it a private affair, 4% staunchly in favour; and icon of poll in website reads “85% people not against gay relations”.
It is a common proverb that if a dog bites man it is not news; but if a man bites a dog, it is news. Let me say it is rational, but is it rational to devote 24 hours live coverage to a child who has accidentally fallen into a bore-well? Or tracking where the mehndi or lipstick for Aishwaria Rai has been purchased? Or what abuse did Materrazi use to instigate Zedane? Ridiculous, isn’t it? At first sight this may seem a ploy to attract more audience and aggrandise TRP ratings. But there is also a hidden goal – to hypnotise the masses emotionally and often to divert the attention from the real issues. For example, the media insatiably covered the 9/11 episode and totally distracted the American and world population from the debate which was supposed to be held in Senate regarding the large American military expenses and unconditional aid to Israel. Even under 9/11 episode they never covered intellectuals like Thierry Masson who on grounds of several evidences proved the Zionist involvement in the tragedy.
As the minds are entrapped, they can’t think beyond what they see, listen and read most of the time. Everyday they see headlines like A for Allah and B forBandooq – (Hindustan Times, January 16, 1997). They watch tentatively the violent, action-oriented programmes, and listen to heart-thrashing rock, rap and pop. They dream of sex, sex and nothing else. Such human cum robots are drown to the neck in the quagmire of selfishness where they had no interest in affairs concerned to people, barbarity of superpowers, the naked sword of crime over society, and the world full of agony and anguish. They are retired in their prime youth, many in their childhood from the world leaving the management and reconstruction of “world order” in the handsof destructors, perpetrators, criminals and terminators. The Zionist scheme seems to bear fruits – venomous ones. Especially Islam is projected as the greatest threat to the modern civilisation in particular to America after the Soviet Union. The media is staunchly propagating ideas of clash of civilisations. It is because of media today that myths like “every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim” is deep rooted in a common man’s mind.
Because of media people are unaware about the bloodbath of thousands of civilians in Algeria, Bosnia, Palestine, Chechnya, Iraq and Afghanistan but they pray for Clinton’s sick dog. Nearly all the news sources are in their hands and so even if we start our own newspapers or magazines we have to rely upon their agencies for news. It is high time that we must own a reliable news agency to express the voice of 1/6th of the world populace, to express the tyranny of the tyrant, to present the other side of the story, to present the truth. This must be the top priority of the OIC and all the 57 Muslim nations.
Remember, now we know the scandalous trap of contemporary media. So it is our prime responsibility to leave no stone unturned in nibbling every cord of it. It is hopeless to exterminate or even assuage the impact of media by boycotting it. The only way left is to create alternatives. A media not full of lies, distortions, exaggerations and a tool of distraction but for information, values, truth, courage and betterment of humanity. Active citizens of Muslim states must create pressure groups to force their respective governments to accomplish this task.
We must encourage our people to step in the field of mass media keeping their values intact.
What you and I and common people could do is not to believe the media blindly. Read between the lines and see between the pictures. It is not to say that the whole of media is corrupt or useless – such black and white analysis is not feasible. There is a huge dark grey area in media and we must strive to whiten it more and more whenever we get an opportunity to do so. So if and when in future you get a truth about something in the alternative media and see the mainstream media relentlessly suppressing the truth, speak it in private and public in your family and friends, make telephone calls to the concerned newspapers or channels, try to contact the person who has twisted the facts or misunderstood it, come out of ghettos, don’t just shout Muslim, Muslim, Muslim, write on myriad of topics related to social, economic and political problems, write letters to editors, make others write also, create blogs over internet, stick posters in your neighbourhood and expose the truth – this is the least you and I could do.