Every Indian citizen should be thankful to Almighty Allah for the bounties He has showered on us. We have the second largest population of 140 crore human beings. One can understand that the greatest wealth of a country is the wealth of human souls who are said to be shaped in the image of God. In addition, we have immense natural resources. Now we are an independent, free and vibrant country. We are no longer under the dominance of any foreign power. We have the liberty to shape our destiny and decide our destination. We are capable of becoming the world guru in every sense of the term. But unfortunately, we are under the hegemony of a ruling class which is less responsible and less sensitive.

As to where we stand in the 200 countries of the world, let us examine a few samples. According to Transparency International, in freedom from corruption we hold the 86th rank. In the Human Freedom Index prepared by CATO Institute, India holds the 111th rank while New Zealand stands first. On the Global Hunger Index prepared by Concern Worldwide, India’s rank is 94th.

India has been suffering these days, it seems, more severely. Poverty has increased. Crores of people have been condemned to squeeze all their energies to earn their daily bread. Unemployment is soaring and it has become worse in the last 45 years. These unfortunate multitudes are unable to think about any higher thing in life, except toiling for hand to mouth existence.

 Of course, the middle-class people, who have been blessed with thinking capacity, are able to understand the situation and think about solving the problems of the country. But these people are continuously being manipulated by the subservient ‘Godi media’. The powers that be, have conveniently devised the strategy of poisoning the minds and communalising the thoughts to polarise people by making every issue a Hindu vs. Muslim issue. This strategy has a bewildering effect on the minds of the population to think in communal terms. And they have hundreds of such issues on their sleeves. Qabristhan and Shamshan, Masjid and Mandir, banning Azan as a five time daily nuisance, and Friday congregations at few places in this large country as aggression are the common points of discussion indulged in by crores of people. These have become a clever ploy to keep the people engaged.

The thinking minds are genuinely alarmed by these narratives in the country. They feel that negative thinking will completely destroy the social fabric of the country. It will inflict irreparable loss on this great country which is certainly capable of becoming the Vishwa Guru because of its inherent richness and abundant resources.

Yet we should not lose hope. Negative things can never be expected to overpower the positive elements in human nature. Sincere prayers and strenuous positive efforts and relentless struggle are the need of the hour.

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