The holy month of Ramadhan is not only a time of self-purification and acts of worship. It is and should be a month of introspection and revitalisation. A period of analysis and a plan of action. Come, let us think about our ranking in the communities of the world, and our strengths and weaknesses.

According to the figure provided by PEW Research Centre, Muslims are the second largest religious community comprising about 24 to 25 per cent of world population. It means out of about 800 crore brothers and sisters we are about 200 crore. But strength does not depend on numbers. It is based on our connection with our roots and our adherence to our faith and fundamental principles.

No doubt, every believer has strong faith, a very firm trust in Allah and His commandments. Even an ordinary Muslim will speak how devotedly he loves Allah and His Prophet ﷺ. How he equally loves all Prophets and how he considers the whole mankind the family of Allah. He is also conscious about his duties to God, fellow Muslims and the whole mankind.

Muslims will speak about the 57 independent Muslim countries and large Muslim populations in non-Muslim countries. At the same time he feels and laments the lack of unity among the Muslims and the moral, social, and economic backwardness of the Ummah.

In this month of introspection we should think about the role which our Lord has bestowed upon us as a Ummah. It is our fundamental duty to call people towards God and His way of life. We cannot fulfil our duty unless we set our own house in order. Just one month back, in a country which was sinned in the name of Islam, in a house of Allah, in Juma prayer, in a terrorist attack, 77 Muslims lost their lives and 156 innocent worshippers were seriously injured. We cannot excuse ourselves by blaming some unknown conspiracies by others. We Muslims are ourselves responsible for most of such heinous acts.

With the use of being 200 crore we cannot provide stability to our own countries and dignity to our fellow Muslims.

In India we are passing through worst pressures from fascists and hate-mongers. Here we should stand firm on our faith and try to be best in character and ethics. We must believe in the promise by Allah that He is with those who are best in their call, character and sentiments. Future may be tougher still. But with heart within and God overhead we can win all battles. We will have the cooperation of silent majority. Self-purification, character building and overall efforts are the surest recipe for success.

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