Where Politicians will Lead Us to?

Mumbai, our largest and most cosmopolitan city, is in trouble. Politicians are at it again – their old game of divide and rule.

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Mumbai, our largest and most cosmopolitan city, is in trouble. Politicians are at it again – their old game of divide and rule. This present trouble is in preparation for the next elections. The ground realities suggest that the ruling coalition partners, the Congress and the NCP, are not so comfortable with each other. They are the supposed secular or non-communal parties. But the record of their government is not so satisfactory. As regards Muslims they have done to them everything which the committed communal parties did during their rule. They do not have courage to call a spade a spade. That is why they could not pick courage to implement the recommendations of Srikrishna Commission about the murderers and arsonists of 1992-93 anti-Muslim riots. In this regard they have adopted a highly objectionable attitude.
BJP and Shiv Sena, on the other hand, clearly tow the communal and anti-Muslim line. Shiv Sena is a house divided in itself and it does not find any clue to set its own house in order.
The fresh disturbances in Mumbai have their origin in Raj Thackeray’s irresponsible utterances. He has raised the banner of hatred against North Indians, particularly Biharis. This is a dangerous policy indeed. It may set a bad example and may have bad repercussions elsewhere. Raj Thackeray’s newly formed Maharashtra Navnirman Sena did not fare well in Municipal elections. Therefore it is trying to catch the imagination of Marathi majority of the State by fanning the fire of hatred against non-Marathi population.
Bal Thackeray, the octogenarian leader of Shiv Sena, had also started his political career, way back in 1960s, by speaking against South Indians. Soon he changed his strategy and made the Muslims target of his attacks. He found that it was more profitable to hate Muslims who form about 15 per cent of Mumbai’s and 10 per cent of the State’s population.
Given the rich and diverse human and material resources Mumbai has accumulated, it can become a world class city. But unscrupulous politicians are out to destroy this.
Now, in the footsteps of Bal Thackeray, Raj Thackeray also is fomenting hatred against a section of Indians. It is unfortunate that many innocent people suffered because of the disturbances. Unfortunately, the State Government of Vilasrao Deshmukh has not taken action against the hate-mongers and trouble-shooters. It must act before it is too late.
Mumbai, or any other city or piece of India, does not belong to any particular person or group. Basically it belongs to God our Creator, then to every Indian whom God has made to be born in this land. India is one, and every Indian citizen has a moral and Constitutional right to reside, work and earn in any part of India where he wants it or finds convenient. Hatred and parochialism will hinder peace and harmony, and more than that, will dehumanise us beyond repair.
Mumbai is known for its wonderful capacity to withstand any calamity and spring back to life. Its residents believe in peace, hard work and no-nonsense policies. Let them say NO to hate-mongers and let the State Government act firmly before it is too late, before it harms the country’s solidarity and damages national integration.