The outcome of UP Assembly elections can be summed up in a few words. It is a victory for the ruling BJP, its Chanakyas, manipulators and strategists and for Modi and Yogi. But a loss to the 24 crore people of the State, particularly to Muslims, Dalits and other marginalised sections.

A consolation prize may be offered to Akhilesh Yadav who fought against all odds and registered a considerable win in the form of increasing his strength as a viable opposition. It shows a ray of hope that in future achche din may dawn upon this populous but unfortunate state. It indicates the weakness and disintegration in the ranks of Muslims who in spite of being 20% of the state could not make any dent. Muslims should have at least 80 representatives in the UP legislative assembly. But they could send only 34 this time – in 2017 the number was 24, the lowest ever. Muslims are a disintegrated lot in UP, their organisations, leaders and powerbrokers are pulling them in different directions, and most of them are acting like self-seekers, at the cost of this otherwise vibrant community which played a historical role in uplifting and shaping the destiny of India during the last 1000 years.

Muslim organisations can also be equally blamed for their lack of unity. Despite the leadership qualities and courage of MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, he could not make any mark because of his chronic weakness of self-aggrandisement and akela chalo policy. When will the Muslim leaders understand that united we stand and divided we fall. This requires deep introspection on the part of the leaders of the community. They do not have a voice nor a semblance of unity. They are no better than dumb, driven animals, running in different directions. The communalists make jokes that they are the awara janwars who have been let loose to spoil the golden crops of the state.

In the light of the results of the recent Assembly elections, it is feared that the communal elements, both individually and collectively, with their leaders in control of the power and resources of the state, will further victimise the minorities and the marginalised sections.

Therefore it is imperative that the representatives of the Muslim community and other minorities and Dalits must put the heads together to make a strategy to reassert their roles in rebuilding themselves and serving the people of the state at large. Heart within and God overhead they have to act and never lose hope and trust in Allah.

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