A Blessing to the Tsunami Victims!

The Tamil Nadu Relief Committee (TNRC) handed over 38 houses to the victims of Tsunami in the village Kottaikuppam near Puducherry on January 3.

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The Tamil Nadu Relief Committee (TNRC) handed over 38 houses to the victims of Tsunami in the village Kottaikuppam near Puducherry on January 3.

Mr A Shabbir Ahmed president Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Tamil Nadu presided over the ceremony. Dr. R. Palaniswamy I.A.S, Villupauram District Collector handed over the keys of the newly constructed houses to the victims.

Mr. H. Abdur Raqeeb, General Secretary, Islamic Foundation Trust (IFT) and member CAC JIH felicitated the organisers and lauded their efforts. He hoped a model colony would emerge shedding light of hope and wisdom to the whole of the Kottaikuppam as well as the state.

Mr. P. Danraj local MP and Mrs Banumathi Jayamoorthy, local Panchayat Chief congratulated the people behind the mission and pledged all kinds of help to their similar efforts. Mr. Ahmed Meeran, a self-made man and committed philanthropist from Chennai and Moulavi Faizur Rahman Madani, Principal, Women’s Arabic College, Kottaikuppam also spoke on the occasion.

TNRC owes its existence to Tsunami, the mass killer. Yes, TNRC was formed when killer waves attacked the shores of Tamil Nadu some years back. TNRC immediately sprung into action and established 100 temporary shelters in lightening speed in Nagapattinam, which was the worst affected town in Tamil Nadu. It also provided Relief Kits comprising of rice, food grains, buckets, utensils, soaps, blankets, mattresses, etc. for 7000 families.

When the focus of the world deviated from Tsunami, TNRC continued its mission and got itself engaged in rehabilitation work. Under its innovative and progressive livelihood scheme 500 families were provided with assistance both in cash and kind. TNRC gave top class fibre boats with high power engine and world class fishing nets to 16 families in Pulicat, a fishing village near Chennai. The smiles on the faces of the boat owners of Pulicat is the everlasting testimony of the pioneering efforts of TNRC. Similarly TNRC established a dairy farm with 15 fat cows in Pudupattinam as a part of its rehabilitation schemes.

Keeping the future generations in mind, TNRC diversified its efforts and provided educational aid and school kits for 2000 students. The greatest achievement of TNRC stands in the form of Samarasam Nagar in Nagore where it built 100 beautiful houses.

Each and every house had been constructed at 400 sq. feet area in a 1300 sq. feet plot. It comprises a drawing room, a hall, a bed room, kitchen, toilet and bathroom with staircase to the terrace. A spacious verandah and sit-out is an added attraction.

The Tamil Nadu Water and Drainage Department (TWAD) has constructed an elegant overhead tank with a capacity of 30,000litres of drinking water and has provided a street pipe for each of the 15 houses. The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) has provided prompt domestic connection and has also erected 28 street lamp posts.

The cluster of houses presents a glorious spectacle with the line-up of similar looking, beautifully crafted and neatly painted glittering houses dotting the lines. The newly formed colony has been provided with a park and a playground for the children with all the required facilities too. The colony has been named aptly Samarasam NagarSamarasam means peace and harmony.

Now TNRC has added another colourful feather to its crown by distributing 38 houses in Kottaikuppam!