By Sikandar Azam

Human life is full of trials and tribulations. Some people take steps but stumble, for all the roads ahead appear to be blocked, full of hurdles and obstacles. It is as if there were darkness all around. But, contrary to it, some other people take steps and walk straight, finding all the paths clear and levelled – no stumbling, no undulations, no second thought, no looking back or sideways, and no darkness. It is as if someone or something is leading them to success. Why this difference of situations? Why don’t all people on earth tread the path of success equally smoothly and peacefully?

A study of human life with open mind reveals that those who take steps and walk straight and ultimately reap success are fortunate enough to have been blessed with Divine Guidance. They walk in the shade of Divine Light. The Qur’ān (5:15) tells us: “There has come to you from God a light and a clear Book.” This ‘light’ and ‘clear Book’ is the Qur’ān, which helps them at every step of life and leads them to success. What else we human beings, who are bound to err, who have very limited knowledge of the known world and do not know anything about the unknown part of the universe, want?

The very next verse says that this is the ‘light’ and ‘clear Book’ “through which God guides those who seek His good pleasure to the paths of peace.” Thus, it is clear that this ‘light’ and ‘clear Book’ can be the lot of only “those who seek His good pleasure”. This seeking His good pleasure is the key to success stems from realisation of the inherent fallibility of one’s actions and beliefs. The Qur’ān confirms that if His servants seek His good pleasure, God “leads them out of darkness into light and guides them to a straight way.” (5:16)

When they come to this stage of realisation, everything brightens up in front of them. No longer are they confused about anything. No longer do they suffer any hesitation before taking serious decisions. No longer are they treading an unmarked road and no longer are they uncertain of their direction. Their ultimate goal lies clear. Their way towards their goal is straight and they are certain of their footsteps.

And the beauty of this realisation is that they start enjoying peace, for they will be guided by God “to the paths of peace”. And this will be total peace – peace of mind and heart and conscience, peace within the individual, the community and the world around.

Those who were the first addressees of the Qur’ānic revelations realised this ultimate truth and started walking on the paths of peace and enjoyed total peace in life. We badly need to understand this basic truth of life to make our life successful and enjoy total peace.

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