ikar Unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Rajasthan Halqa organised a one day convention on Sachar Committee Report. 

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Sikar Unit of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind, Rajasthan Halqa organised a one day convention on Sachar Committee Report.

Engineer Mohd. Salim, Ameer-e-Halqa of Jamaat in Rajasthan, in his inaugural speech, said, “The condition of Indian a Muslim is like a patient, lying on bed, surrounded by the doctors. They examine the patient, diagnose, write prescription but do not start curing.” Expressing concerns, he told that two thousand communal riots had already broken down the back bone of Muslims.

BBC correspondent Narayan Bareth, presented a horrible picture of Indian society, saying that 57 percent children are suffering from malnutrition. 13 percent female children do not celebrate their 15th birthday. On one hand 300 crore are being spent on marriages while on other hand farmers are forced to commit suicide, as they are unable to pay their debts. During last ten year prostitution has increased by 50 %. Farmers were gunned down by the police for asking water release for irrigation purposes, while our aristocratic society invests 50 lakh million litters of water in water parks and snow parks. 500 journalists covered the Lakme Fashion weak, investing 200 crore rupees, at the same time 16 farmers committed suicide but it was not the breaking news for the news channels. He expressed concerns over the hijacking of media by the corporate world.

Chandra Shekhar Vaidya, MLA from Tara Nagar, advocated reservation for Muslims on economic ground. He promised to raise issues, in Assembly for the Muslims.

Syed Qasim Rasool Iliyas, member Central Advisory Council of Jamaat, said that the findings on Sachar Committee provides a sound base to the Muslims, to demand reservation in government jobs and private sector. The report has broken down the myth of appeasement of Muslims. It has now become clear that Muslims had been exploited, not appeased. Secular forces ruled over India for about 50 years and these forces are mostly responsible for the worst situation of Muslims. He also told that no constitutional amendment was needed to provide reservation for Muslims in India, as the community’s worst educational, economic and social conditions speaks volume in favour of providing such reservation and opportunities.

Qari Moinuddin,  convenor Rajasthan Muslim Forum, talked about the insecurity of Muslims in Rajasthan as trivial matters are being raised by the saffron brigade to harass the Muslims. Government agencies often become party to such sinister designs.

Abdul Latif, secretary Milli Council, highlighted the poor economic condition of Muslims in Rajasthan. He talked about the need to have a close watch on government social welfare programmes.