In a historic development as claimed by many top leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH) and its women’s wing leaders, Advocate Sumaiya Roshan and Samar Ali were elected president and general secretary of National Federation of Girls Islamic Organisation (GIO) respectively at JIH headquarters on July 30.

The responsibility of the newly elected leaders would be to guide young girls towards the path of reconstruction of the society and help the girls to regain their confidence, dignity and rights. The new federation also has the responsibility to become the voice of all Indian women and girls, regardless of religion, caste or class.

In a felicitation programme, Syed Sadatullah Husaini, President of JIH, while congratulating and extending full support to the newly elected leaders, said, “I wish and pray that GIO becomes strong voice of Islam. Gender these days is an important debate nationally and internationally and when the debate is on Islam, gender becomes very important. It provides an opportunity for the GIO to simplify and present the real concept of gender in Islam. The role of GIO is not only confined to Muslim girls but for all about 20 crore girls in India irrespective of caste and religion.” 

The President of Jamaat added, “In order to present Islam and its teachings in true sense, communication and articulation through various mediums is very important. Islam, while protecting the femininity, has given all rights to women and has not exploited women as done by traditional and modern societies. In traditional societies, women are confined to the four walls in the name of rituals and women are also subject to exploitation by modern societies in the name of freedom and equality. Islam has protected women from such exploitation. The beauty of these concepts will only come forward when we will have a model to present this notion.”

“I hope in the near future the GIO girls will lead the Muslim girls and will present themselves as a model at every stage, in every walk of life. These models would be the best answer to the negative campaign against Muslim women and girls and will also thwart the prejudiced narrative set by the media and some sections of the society against Muslim women and girls. This would be the biggest contribution of GIO. The role of GIO should not be confined to women alone but they should also try to play an important role in the mainstream Islamic tehreek (movement),” said the national president of Jamaat.

The programme was also addressed by Mohammad Jafar, Vice President of the organisation, Rahamathunnissa and Atiya Siddiqua, Secretaries of JIH Women’s Wing, as well as the newly elected President and General Secretary of National Federation of GIO, Sumaiya Roshan and Samar Ali.

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