By Sikandar Azam

The entire universe presents the truth that God wants us to reflect on. The wonders of the universe invite us to think of the Creator Who has created such a vast universe, the reality of which still attracts our scientists to delve deep into its marvels. But to appreciate its wonders, we do not need profound knowledge of science and technology; even the mind and the heart of a common man can realise these great wonders in the lap of nature.

Against this background of the wonders that the universe presents, let’s see how God provides us with sustenance and provisions of life, with the help of which we satisfy our hunger, quench our thirst and enjoy ease and comfort in every season and every part of the earth. It is in this process that we see that the crops and plants that had been standing erect in the field fade away after the passage of some time. This gives the message that our life on earth is trivial and transitory when compared with the life to come. The Qur’ān (29:64) says: “The present life is nothing but sport and amusement,” and “the true life is in the Abode of the Hereafter; if only they knew.”

When this ease and comfort is not viewed as a means to ensure ultimate happiness in the life to come, but rather felt to be the ultimate objective of life, this present life, with whatsoever it offers us, is no more than a trifling play. And, it is the life to come that is the one that is full of life and fulfilment. Those who become captive to this ‘sport and amusement’ cannot realise the great marvels God has presented for us. They also cannot contribute anything great and significant to society.

Contrary to it, there are people who strive hard so that they earn God’s pleasure and establish a relation with Him. They set earning God’s pleasure as the goal of their life and make tireless strivings to achieve this goal. They bear every hardship and pass every test, fulfilling their duties while marching along the path to their well-defined goal, however long and hard the path may be. God does not leave such people alone. He bestows upon them His pleasure and succour and guides them at every step so much so that they get their goal and be pleased with their Lord Creator.

The Qur’ān (29:69) says: “But as for those who strive hard in Our cause, We shall most certainly guide them to paths that lead unto Us. God is indeed with those who do good.” Thus, God gives them good reward here as well as in the hereafter for their sustained labour and good works.

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