Kapda Bank is an initiative taken by Society for Bright Future (SBF) at Okhla, Jamia Nagar in the national capital, which will enable needy people to get free clothes.

The project officially started in Milli Model School after the opening ceremony on Sunday, 20th March at 4 pm.  

Mr. Irfan Ahmed, National Coordinator of SBF, said, “The situation in the country after post-Covid 19 is very pathetic. There are a large number of needy people around Okhla. They have a pair of clothes to wear. We hope this SBF project will be able to help such needy people on the ground. Project Kapda Bank coordinator Mr Mohd Margoob said, “SBF will procure new and used clothes from donors and well-wishers. The clothes will be selected, washed and made usable for the needy people, and SBF volunteers will estimate the needs of the people in the local areas.

Mr. Mohd Shafi Madani, Treasurer, SBF said, “Helping the needy through Kapda Bank is an initiative of SBF which will give new thinking and energy to the society.”

He further said that the SBF would also ensure that the human psyche of the needy doesn’t get hurt; so they will be charged Rs. 10 so that they don’t feel that they are getting clothes for free. He said in the same way we have also made a family kit with new clothes which cost Rs.1000. “We appeal to all the honourable citizens to help SBF with family kits.” He also requested Okhla people to donate their new and old clothes that are usable to the people.

The clothes are  available for the needy people from March 20.

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