Senior journalist Shaheen Nazar’s fictional collection Karb Natamam was launched during a programme at Mujaddid IOS Centre for Arts and Literature of Institute of Objective Studies (IOS) in the national capital on November 5. This book is a collection of very unique myths. Each of its fiction points out ground realities and draws attention to real social issues.

On this occasion, IOS Chairman Dr. Muhammad Manzoor Alam, in his message, briefly mentioned the renewed IOS Centre for Arts and Literature and said that it is an attempt to integrate and organise the themes of contemporary literature and their sensory presentation which we will be able to realise its usefulness only when this platform gets the trust and support of all. He further said that November 5 meeting was organised as the opening ceremony of Mr. Shaheen Nazar’s second collection of fiction, Karb Natamam, wherein the author has attempted to highlight various moving images of daily life.

Well-known journalists Mr. Sohail Anjum and Mr. Khursheed Akram also expressed their views on this occasion. Writers, intellectuals, painters, photographers should come together and tell each other the story of modern life’s comforts, discomforts, perfections, explorations and achievements and organise all such efforts to understand its impact on our society.

Senior journalist Mr. A.U. Asif, well-known journalist Ahmed Javed, Mr. Safi Akhtar, IOS Finance Secretary Muhammad Alam, Mr. Atta-ul-Rehman, journalist Qasim Syed, Zafar Afaq, Qasim Usmani were present on this occasion.

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