By Sikandar Azam

In this age of explosion of knowledge, we have books all around, in fact a jungle of books. Among these books, the Qur’ān is the only book which is not the result of one’s labour and sweat as books normally happen to be; it was not written with the help of pen and paper or on computer screen. In this sense, it holds distinction. And this distinction lies in the fact that it is the Word of God that finds expression in this Book via the medium of revelation.

Earlier too, God revealed His Message from time to time to different Prophets. But the followers of those Prophets did not keep it intact; they did not honour it, but rather they made distortions therein to suit their desires and ambitions, whims and inconsistencies, spoiling the sanctity of the Divine Message. God is the knower of all things; so, He knows how people distorted His revelations. The Qur’ān (41:40) says: “Indeed, those who distort in our revelations are not hidden from us. Is then whoever is thrown into Hell better or whoever comes secure on a day of the Resurrection? Do whatever you wish. Indeed, He is Seer of what you do.”

But in the case of the Qur’ān, God Himself has taken the responsibility of protecting it if attempts are made to effect any change in it. The Qur’ān (15:9) says: “Indeed, We have revealed the reminder, and indeed, We will certainly be protector of it.” And, now when the Qur’ān stands Divinely Protected, there is no possibility of any distortion in this Divine Message: “The falsehood cannot enter it of its past nor of its future, a revelation from Wise, Praiseworthy.” (41:42)

At the various points in the Book, the Qur’ān asserts that this Book is His revelation and not one written by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ as some infidels of Makkah used to think. In Surah Zumar, the Qur’ān makes this assertion with due emphasis: “This book is bestowed from on high by God, the Almighty, the Wise. It is We who have bestowed on you this revelation from on high, stating the truth.” (39:1-2)

The essence of the truth with which the Book has been revealed is the Absolute Oneness of God, which forms the foundation of the existence of everyone and everything in the universe. It is the consistent truth confirmed by the unity of the Divine System that controls the heavens and the earth. The Qur’ān presents this truth in human language just for the guidance of human beings. If we spare some time to reflect upon the revelation of God, our life can be successful both here and in the hereafter.

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