We are Ambassadors of Islam, the Whole of It: Syed Sadatullah Husaini

Close to 1500 members of JIH Maharashtra, aged 18-96, attended a three-day conclave held at Murtuzapur, Akola between 25-27th October to revive and rejuvenate their dedication to the cause of Islam.

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Every member of JIH ought to become a Guiding Lighthouse for all people: Rizwanur Rahman Khan

Close to 1500 members of JIH Maharashtra, aged 18-96, attended a three-day conclave held at Murtuzapur, Akola between 25-27th October to revive and rejuvenate their dedication to the cause of Islam.

The very first session began with a retrospective analysis of what the Jamaat has achieved and where it has lagged in the last couple of years. Summing it up, the General Secretary of JIH, Mr. T. Arif Ali asked the state unit to focus on how creative the minority group of aware members becomes so that it most effectively appeals to the masses and achieves its goals and objectives.

The President of JIH, Syed Sadatullah Husaini reasoned that Muslims should carve out their identity as a beneficial Ummah. He lamented that while we have billions of Muslims all around the world today, the true character and identity of Muslims seems lacking. He emphasised that we need to generate ideas, propagate them, and practically demonstrate them before the world.

Later in the day, JIH Vice President, S. Ameenul Hasan presented the concept of a Youth Friendly Movement, averring that this task needs the enthusiastic participation of young people who, by nature, are more proactive and have the risk-taking attitude. Citing the examples of prophets, he explained that it is young people who have always turned the tide of civilization with their path-breaking ideas.

The first day of the conclave concluded with 4 paper presentations, exploring the effects of Hindutva, Corporatocracy, Authoritarianism and Populism in today’s world.

Mr. Abdus Salam summarised the four papers and sought to make it clear that ideas like Hindutva and Corporatism are simply facades that have been conceptualised in the past couple of centuries to mask the ugly theories of Manuwad and Capitalism respectively. He said that theology and religion are mere tools that these institutions employ to further their cause and victimise the majority population. He stressed upon the need to communicate with the masses in colloquial language instead of using jargons, expounding upon the use of short slogans and street plays.

The second day of the conclave touched upon spiritual aspects of a person’s personality. In the first of his two lectures, Maulana Mohiuddin Ghazi discussed the fine elements of classical Islamic literature and the need to produce contemporary literature which is in sync with today’s needs. In his second lecture, Maulana dwelt upon the role of death and the Qur’ān in keeping a man away from sin and leading a more God-conscious life.

Likewise, Mr. S. Ameenul Hasan conducted a workshop on the ramifications of ‘nafs’, concluding that a person should refer to divine guidance, the prophetic example and put in his own effort in reforming himself. He should engage in self-assessment, exercise restraint, repent, seek good mentors, and strengthen his bond with God through acts of worship.

As with the previous evening, the concluding session of the second day too explored various contemporary ideological movements. Citing the examples of the Zionist and Hindutva movements, Mr. T. Arif Ali reminded the audience that any success requires decades of relentless and patient effort. It needs a good and dedicated team which believes in the cause and passionately dreams for it.

The same was highlighted by the JIH President when he said that for us to truly succeed, we need to have an unflinching and firm conviction in the success of the Islamic mission, a firm belief in the promises made by the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ to those who strive for this mission, and a deep faith in the Islamic creed. He exclaimed that this can only happen if we are consumed with love for the movement, for only love can beget courage and steadfastness.

On the final day of the conclave, the national and state Presidents of JIH aroused the members to dedicate their lives for the cause of Islam. They asked them to become the ambassadors of Islam and the lighthouses which would guide all humanity. In conclusion, Syed Sadatullah Husaini admonished the members to be very particular about their dealings as well. While we strive to please God, we also must be careful about the rights of fellow human beings.

This conclave, held after a gap of several years owing to the pandemic and lockdowns, was a spectacle of smiles and tears, warmth, and generosity. It was an outburst of electrifying passion, especially when all members stood up and took their Shahadah once again and slogans reverberated across the air. In a nutshell, the conclave indeed lived up to Iqbal’s words and its theme – “yaqīñ mohkam, amal paiham, mohabbat fātah-e-ālam”.