We have to Overcome the Difficulties by Following the Teachings of Islam: JIH

Expressing concerns over the present condition of the Muslims, Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Nusrat Ali said, “Whatever the circumstances,

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Expressing concerns over the present condition of the Muslims, Secretary-General Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH), Nusrat Ali said, “Whatever the circumstances, Muslims have to keep in view the objectives Islam has enjoined upon them. They should come closer to the Qur’an, make their lives as well as houses enlightened with the teachings of Islam, and effect lasting unity in the ranks of Muslims.”

While speaking on the Strategy of Muslim Ummah at the end of a daylong programme organised by JIH Delhi & Haryana on November 9, the JIH leader asked the Muslims to present the message of Islam before the countrymen, strengthen their lives on Islamic principles and stand for undertaking service to humanity irrespective of caste, class and creed.

Mr. Ali also urged Muslims to take keen interest in solving issues afflicting the society and in doing so uphold justice.

Major highlight of the programme was a symposium on “Allegation of Terrorism and Indian Muslims” in which speaker after speaker expressed grave concern on the ongoing trend of blaming Muslims for every act of terror in the country. The participants discussed the meaning, history and causes of terrorism and solutions thereto.

Setting the tone of the symposium, Dr. M. Rafat, president JIH Delhi & Haryana, called upon people not to get agitated and to maintain peace while making efforts to protect themselves.

Dr. Waquar Anwar, financial adviser of the JIH said, “Muslims are being called terrorists as every act of terror is being thrown at their door, just to keep them from the path of Islam.”

He further added, “The only solution to this lies in following the teachings of Islam in its true spirit and isolating those who are hell bent on spreading hatred and terror. And this we can do by taking peace and justice loving persons in confidence.”

Mahtab Alam of Association for Protection of Civil Rights (APCR) laid emphasis on having a fair knowledge of fundamental rights. He also suggested to get an F.I.R. lodged, to send applications to State Human Rights and Minority Commissions, and to approach the various civil rights organisations like APCR and PUCL if a person falls victim of oppression.

Participating in the symposium, Mansoor Ahmad suggested to Muslims to make a call on 100, in case a person is oppressed, to ensure that the event is well recorded.

Parwaz Rehmani, Editor Urdu bi-weekly Dawat, came down upon a section of media for carrying malicious and fabricated stories.  He said, “Instead of playing a constructive role, the media has been defaming and spoiling the image of the Muslims in India.”

Dr. S.Q.R. Ilyas, Editor Urdu monthly Afkar-e-Milli and member Jamaat’s Central Advisory Council, dwelt upon mobilising public opinion in one’s favour. Citing examples of Solidarity Youth Movement of Kerala and Movement for Peace and Justice (MPJ) of A.P. and Maharashtra, Dr. Ilyas said, “It is by mobilising public opinion that Solidarity Youth Movement pressurised upon the Government to annul the Palachimada Coca Cola and Express Highway projects.”

Dr. Ilyas added, “Muslims are being dubbed terrorists despite the fact that there is no evidence of their having been involved in terror acts save and except confessional statements obtained by police under force and coercion.”

To face the circumstances Muslims are in nowadays, Dr. Ilyas suggested to them to participate in discussions going on in media by making proper use of available space in media.

Apart from symposium, another important programme was a lecture on Jihad – Its Meaning and Condition. Dr. Shafeeque Ahmad Islahi said, “Jihad is one of the fundamentals of Islam. But anti-Islam forces have defamed it in a planned manner. It is by using this term they are blaming Muslims for acts of terror.”

He clarified that Jihad is tireless strivings to defeat the forces of evil by using proper and lawful means.